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Jul. 16th, 2016 02:55 am
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🐰 Info
▶ NAME: Ukoku Sanzo / Ni Jianyi
▶ CANON: Saiyuki
▶ AGE: 38ish
▶ HEIGHT: 177 cm/5'10"
▶ BUILD: Athletic but relatively thin/the "hi I'm an artist but bodies are hard" special
▶ HAIR/EYES: Black hair approaching "too long to be respectable" length; dark brown eyes. Wears glasses.
▶ STYLE: Professor with tenure and a hangover; sleeves rolled up, tie loose, tacky prints optional. Alternatively: a Buddhist monk.
▶ DEMEANOR: Slouches, leans, and seems to do nothing with effort; nonetheless, he comes across as cheerful and flippant. Often compared to a crow, his namesake.
▶BASICALLY: A human vulture with a priesthood position and a doctorate in bioengineering; lives on a diet of nicotine and raw malice. Has a thing for bunnies.
🐰 IC Permissions
▶ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: He's space-invasive and flirtatious, so I guess the answer is go for it/but why??
▶PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Give me a heads up so we can work out shenanigans—he most likely won't engage unless it's serious, but if he's serious he has very few reasons not to kill people, so let's avoid that!
▶ RELATIONSHIPS: Wherever he is, he's emphatically not there to care about anyone. He's good for weirdness and gross flirting??
▶ PSYCHIC & PSIONIC INFORMATION: Mindreading is a-ok; characters who can feel presence/aura/empathic shit/etc. will find that his is unsettlingly vacant, almost like he's not alive.
▶MAGICAL INFORMATION: If he's carrying or around his sutra, a scroll that he'll keep rolled up nearby if he's incognito (or on his shoulders if he's not), he can negate magic. For most intents and purposes this means he can do it all the time, since he's super unlikely to leave it anywhere.
🐰 OOC Permissions
▶ BACKTAGGING: I will literally tag a thread until the end of time
▶ FOURTHWALLING: this will never happen
▶ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Facilitating traumatic events is his jam. That said, I'm really not interested in threading with characters too young to have developed a sense of self-preservation. 20+ for shippy shit pls, see age.

▶ ANYTHING ELSE? Fake positive CR with malicious intent is likely; genuinely positive CR is not. He's garbage all day every day.

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